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  1. Introduction
  2. The World Chocolate Awards Process
  3. List of Chocolates Evaluated


The World Chocolate Awards publishes a guide book every four years in which it features the chocolates that it has awarded stars to.

Awards are given solely for taste. Every chocolate is evaluated over several occasions using consistent and objective standards which are designed to avoid any kind of bias.

High importance is placed on impartiality so that it is left to the reader to decide upon their own personal preferences for flavour.

The World Chocolate Awards is the only worldwide independent and impartial mark of distinction for fine chocolate. Its purpose is to serve the interests of its readers. It does not accept funding, free bars of chocolate or incentives from the chocolate industry. There never has been a business, friend or family connection between those involved in the World Chocolate Awards and chocolate brands, their public relations agents, or promoters.


The World Chocolate Awards process involves five stages: Research, Acquisition, Evaluation, Information Gathering and Publication.


Research is carried out to identify as many chocolates as possible that meet two qualifying criteria. First, the chocolate must be unique: it must have been made from the cacao beans by the brand selling it, or be exclusive to the brand selling it. Second, the chocolate must not contain substitute ingredients to reduce the cost of its manufacture, such as vegetable fat, vanilla flavour or vanilla extract. There are no geographical or numerical limits: the World Chocolate Awards includes as many chocolates from as many countries as possible. Milk and white chocolates (with or without added ingredients) were evaluated for the 2013 guide book, however in future editions we may include dark chocolates.


The methods the World Chocolate Awards use to purchase products ensure that it evaluates the same chocolate that is available to the public and that there is no possibility of receiving specially produced or selected items.


To avoid bias and ensure effective evaluation, standards are applied to ensure the optimal storage of chocolate, a clean palate for tasting, an ideal environment for tasting, an ample time frame, a suitable quantity of each chocolate and consistent, objective records. Every chocolate is evaluated on several occasions by a full time professional to determine its taste characteristics and grade it (from one to a maximum of ten points) for its taste. Chocolates which are graded with eight, nine, or ten points are awarded one, two or three stars respectively and listed in the World Chocolate Awards guide book.

Information Gathering

Brands whose chocolate has been awarded stars are contacted in order to gather information for the World Chocolate Awards (WCA) guide book. However, entry in the WCA is not dependent on the WCA successfully making contact with a brand. Where it is practical to do so, a meeting is arranged in order to take exclusive photos and gather information first hand. Relevant photos, books or brochures may be accepted by the WCA. Entry in the World Chocolate Awards is completely free of charge and free of any obligation to participate in the information gathering process. Brands can not choose to be included or excluded from the World Chocolate Awards.


The World Chocolate Awards guide book is published every four years. If the production of a chocolate appears to be permanently or indefinitely discontinued before the guide is published the chocolate will not be included in the guide. At the time of publication a notification is sent to each brand that is listed in the World Chocolate Awards. A complimentary copy is given to each brand that is listed in the World Chocolate Awards guide where it is practical to do so.


Milk Chocolate or Milk Chocolate with Vanilla

Al Nassma: Camel Milk Chocolate 36%
Alter Eco France / USA: Noir Doux & Fondant / Dark Velvet 47%
Amano: Jembrana 30%
Amano: Ocumare 30%
Amedei: Toscano Brown
Amma: 30%
Amma: 45%
Artisan du Chocolat:  Sugar Free Milk 40%
Artisan du Chocolat: Great British Chocolate 40%
Artisan du Chocolat: Buffalo Milk Chocolate 40%
Artisan du Chocolat: Jamaica
Artisan du Chocolat: Java
Artisan du Chocolat: Panama
Au Chat Bleu: Lait Mi Amer 38% and 64% combination
Benoit Nihant: Melaya Area – Bali 62H Conch Trinitario 50%
Benoit Nihant: Melaya Area – Bali Sukrama Brothers Farm Trinitario 50%
Benoit Nihant: Melaya Area – Bali 62H Conch Trinitario with Coconut Blossom 55%
Blanxart: Chocolate con Leche 33%
Blanxart: Chocolate con Leche Sin Azucar 34% Milk Chocolate Sugar Free
Blanxart: Filipinas 44%
Blanxart: Grand Cru Single Origin Congo 42%
Blanxart: Organic Cocoa & Sugar 34%
Blanxart: Peru 38%
Bonnat: Asfarth
Bonnat: Biologique
Bonnat: Chocolat au Lait
Bonnat: Java
Bonnat: Surabaya
Bonnat: Sans Sucre Ajouté
Bonvita: Rice Milk Chocolate Coverture 41%
Caoni: Fine Milk Chocolate 35%
Chapon: Lait 45% aux Pepites de Cacao
Choco-Lina: Goat Milk Chocolate
Choco-Lina: Sheep Milk Chocolate
Chocolate and Love: Crushed Diamonds 55%
Chocolate Tree: Ecuador 50%
Chocolate Tree: Ecuador with Coconut Sugar 50%
Chocolaterie A Morin: Vietnam
Chocolaterie A Morin: Lait 35%
Chocolaterie A Morin: Lait Bolivie Sauvage 40%
Chocolaterie A Morin: Lait Bolivie Sauvage 48%
Chocolaterie A Morin: Madagascar Lait
Coppeneur: Dominican Republic 52%
Coppeneur: Republic of Ghana 57%
Coppeneur: République de Madagascar
Coppeneur: República del Ecuador
Cotton Tree Chocolate: Dark Milk 55%
Cotton Tree Chocolate: Light Milk with Cocoa Nibs 46%
Cotton Tree Chocolate: Light Milk 40%
Dagoba: Organic Milk Chocolate 37%
Danta: Finca Las Acacias
Danta: Finca Los Ujuxtes
DeBondt: Cioccolato al Latte 31%
DeBondt: Cioccolato al Latte 33%
DeBondt: Cioccolato al Latte 38%
DeBondt: Cioccolato al Latte 45%
Debondt: Semi di Cacao al Latte 38% Nibs 4%
Dolfin: Cacao du Vanuatu 38%
Dolfin: Chocolat Au Lait 32%
Escazú: Dark Goat’s Milk 60%
Felchlin: Venezuela Criollo 38%
Felchlin: Maracaibo Crème 33%
Felchlin: Maracaibo Creole 49%
FirstFlora: Single Origin Bahia Brazil 40%
FirstFlora: Single Origin Bahia Brazil with Cocoa Nibs 45%
Friis Holm: Nicaragua 55%
Friis Holm: Nicaragua 65%
Fruition Chocolate: Classic Milk Chocolate
Fruition Chocolate: Dark Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel
Ghirardelli: Luxe Milk
Goss: Milk 45%
Guido Castagna: Latte 30%
Guido Gobino: Latte Finissimo35%
Hachez: Cocoa de Balao 33%
Hachez: Cocoa de Maracaibo 55.5%
Hachez: Edel Vollmilch/Braune Blatter 39%
Hachez: Wild Cocoa De Amazonas 38%
Hachez: Wild Cocoa De Amazonas 45%
Haigh’s Chocolates: Premium Milk Chocolate 32
Hotel Chocolat: Saint Lucia Milk 50%
Hotel Chocolat: Saint Lucia Milk 70%
Hotel Chocolat: Super Boosters (Chocolate Coated Cocoa Nibs) Trinidad 68%
Hotel Chocolat: Trinidad Cocoa Association 68%
Ixcacao Maya Belizean Chocolate: Light Milk 65%
Jacques Torres: Milk Chocolate
Jacques Torres: Jaques’ Bean to Bar 35%
Ki’Xocolatl: Milk Chocolate with Crisp Cocoa
Konditorei Peintner: Zarbitter Schokolade 52% Ghana und Java
Leone: Latte 44%
Leone: Latte Senza Zucchero Aggiunto No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate 38%
Lorenzo Zuccarello: Cioccolato al Latte 45%
Madécasse: Milk Chocolate 44%
Maestrani: Doppel Milch 37%
Mary: Mexique Lait 42%
Menakao: Milk Chocolate 44%
Meybona: Ghana 45%
Meybona: Papua Neuguinea
Meybona: Orgianic Milk Chocolate
Meybona: Tansania 45%
Michel Cluizel: Grand Lait
Michel Cluizel: Mangaro
Michel Cluizel: Maralumi
Naïve: Organic Milk
Omanhene: Dark Milk Chocolate 48%
Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory: Milk Chocolate 38%
Pamaco: Maramaj Criollo Sur del Lago Classificado Maracaibo 48%
Pamaco: Criomara Criollo Dark Noble Chocolate Venezuela 51%
Patric Chocolate: Dark Milk
Peyrano: Cioccolato di Qualità Al Latte/Quality Milk Chocolate
Pralus: Mélissa
Rapunzel: Dunkle Vollmilch 46%
Rapunzel: Honig-Mandel-Krokant 35%
Rapunzel: Krokant (Vollmilch Schokolade mit Mandelkrokant) 34%
Rapunzel: Milk 36%
Rapunzel: Nirwana Milchschokolade mit Trüffelfüllung 36%
Rapunzel: Nougat 34%
Rapunzel: Rum-Trauben-Nuss 36%
Rausch: Guácimo 47%
Rausch: Madanga 39%
Rausch: Puerto Cabello 43%
Rausch: Nouméa Edel-Vollmilch-Rezeptur 35%
Red Star: Duffy’s Star of Peru
Red Star: Duffy’s Corazon Del Ecuador
Rio Napo: 40%
Rio Napo: With Nibs 40%
Rococo: Organic Milk 37%
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé: 50% Milk Chocolate
Saldac: Lait Gourmand
Scharffen Berger: Extra Rich Milk
Scharffen Berger: Milk Nibby
Silvio Bessone: Dambula Sri Lanka Latte 35%
Silvio Bessone: Venezuela Latte 45%
Sir Hans Sloane: Milk Chocolate 40%
Slitti: Latte 35%
Slitti: LatteNero 45%
Slitti: LatteNero 51%
Slitti: LatteNero 62%
Slitti: LatteNero 70%
Stainer: Bio Cioccolato al Latte con Vaniglia 43%
Starbucks: Milk Chocolate
TCHO: Cacao 53%
TCHO: Classic 39%
Teuscher: Milch Schokolade
Theo: Chai Tea
Theo: Coconut Curry
Theo: Creamy 45%
Theo & Jane Goodall: Organic Milk Chocolate
Theo: Salted Almond
Theo: Vanilla Milk Chocolate 40%
Tiroler Edle: 35%
Tiroler Edle: 70% Ohne Zuckerzusatz
Tiroler Edle: 48% Ohne Zuckerzusatz
Tiroler Edle: Purissima 48%
Tiroler Edle: Purissima 75%
Tropical Farms Chocolate: Fine Milk Chocolate Sierra Leone 42%
Valrhona: Andoa Lait 39%
Valrhona: Lait 39%
Valrhona: Cao Grande Organic 39%
Vintage Plantations: Whole Milk
Vivani: Organic Milk 33%
Weiss: Supremé 38%
Weiss: Chocolat Lait de Patisserie 41%
Weiss: Lait Entier 37%
Willie’s Cacao: Milk of the Gods Rio Caribe 44%
Zokoko: 52%


Milk or White Chocolate with Additional Ingredients

Akesson’s: Bali Sukrama Farms Milk Chocolate & Fleur de Sel 45%
Al Nassma: Arabia Camel Milk Chocolate with Arabian Spices 36%
Alain Ducasse:  Amandes, Figues, Oranges, Confites…
Alain Ducasse: Côte D’Ivoire Lacté
Alain Ducasse:  Java Lacté 45% Trinitario
Alain Ducasse:  Madagascar Lacté Trinitario 45%
Alain Ducasse:  Madagascar Lacté Trinitario 55%
Alain Ducasse:  Mendiant Lacté 45% Pistaches Sablés
Alain Ducasse:  Pérou Lacté 45%
Alain Ducasse:  Pignons Sablés 45%
Alain Ducasse:  Noisettes Caramélisés 45%
Alain Ducasse:  Non Conché
Alma de Cacao: Blanco Maiz Tostado (White Chocolate with Toasted Corn)
Alma de Cacao: Almenderas (Milk Chocolaye with Almonds)
Amedei: Cioccolato Bianco con Pistacchi
Amedei: Latte con Nocciole
Amedei: Quadrotti Toscani Cioccolato al Latte Bianco con Ripieno di Pistacchi e Granella di Cacao
Amedei: Quadrotti Toscani Cioccolato al Latte e Crema Toscana con Granella di Nocciola
Amedei: Toscano Nut Brown Gianduja
Amelia Rope: Pale Rose 39%
Amelia Rope: Pale Hazelnut & Sea Salt
Amelia Rope: Pale Honey Roasted Pecan Nut & Sea Salt
Amelia Rope: Pale Lemon & Sea Salt
Amelia Rope: Pale Lime & Sea Salt
Amelia Rope: Pale Mandarin 39%
Andrea Bianchini: Cioccolato Bianco e Thé Verde Matcha
Alter Eco France: Blanc Nougatine Amande
Alter Eco France: Pérou 35%
Alter Eco France: Pérou Lait Eclats d'Amandes Caramélisés
Alter Eco France: Riz Soufflé Croustillant 35%
Alter Eco France: Lait Caramel Beurre Salé
Alter Eco France: Lait Eclats de Miel 35%
Alter Eco France: Lait Noisettes Entieres
Artisan du Chocolat: Café e Latte
Artisan du Chocolat: Gianduja
Artisan du Chocolat: Mandarin & Mulled Spices Milk Chocolate
Artisan du Chocolat:  Tonka
Artisan du Chocolat: Ginger & Lemongrass
Artisan du Chocolat: Lumi Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate
Artisan du Chocolat: Saffron White Chocolate
Artisan du Chocolat: Matcha
Askinosie: Dark Chocolate + Malted Milk
Askinosie: Dark Milk + Fleur de Sel
Askinosie: Dark Milk + Licorice
Askinosie: White Chocolate + Pistachio
Askinosie: White Chocolate Nibble Bar
Astor Chocolate: Almond Pieces Milk Chocolate
Baratti & Milano: Cioccolato Gianduja 31%
Baratti & Milano: Nocciolato 1858
Belize Chocolate Company: Wangla
Benoit Nihant: Sambirano Valley, Somia Plantation, Madagascar 70h Conch Trinitario 50% + Fleur de Sel
Benoit Nihant: Roasted Coffee
Benoit Nihant: Myrte Citronné
Benoit Nihant: Four Spices/Quatre Épices
Berger: Almkrauter
Berger: Ananas-Kokos Gefüllt
Berger: Champagner-Rose Gefullt/Weisse Schokolade mit Champagner-Rose
Berger: Grüner Apel - Gin Gefüllt
Berger: Kräutern aus dem Salzburger Almsommer 36% (Milk Chocolate with Summer Flowers & Herbs)
Berger: Panna Cotta
Berger: Vollmilch Fichtenharz (Pine Tree Resin)
Berger: Vollmilch Orange
Berger: Weisse Schokolade mit Erdbeerstückchen
Berger: Weisse Schokolade mit Weizencrisps
Berger: Zirbenbrand Gefüullt
Bernachon: Nature
Bernachon: Noisettes
Bernachon: Jour et Nuit
Bernachon: Orange
Bernachon: Ivoire
Bernachon: Café au Lait
Bernard Castelain: Lait Eclats Noisettes
Beschle: Caramel 39%
Beschle: Ivorie aux Amandes & Myrtilles (Milk chocolate with almonds and blueberries 38%)
Beschle: Ivorie aux Amandes
Beschle: Lassi 36% Cocoa Butter
Beschle: Matcha White 36% Cocoa Butter
Beschle: Montélimar 38%
Blanxart: Chocolate con Leche y Avellanas 33%
Bonneterre: Chocolat Lait Amandes Sel de Guérande
Bonneterre: Chocolat Lait Céréales (puffed rice and cornflake)
Bonneterre: Chocolat Blanc Noix de Coco
Bonneterre: Chocolat Lait Noisettes Entiéres
Bouillet: Caramel 31%
Bouillet: Caramel Croustillant 31%
Bouillet: Huile d’olive Abricot Chocolat Blanc 31%
Bouillet: Noisettes Caramélisées 40%
Bovetti: Chocolat Lait Orange
Bovetti: Caramel Salted
Bouga Cacao: La Rustica Leche y Sal
Bonnat: Chocolat au Lait et aux Noix
Cacao Sampaka: Orange Milk Chocolate
Café-Tasse: Jasmine & Violet Extracts 40%
Cocoa Loco: Brazil Nuts Milk Chocolate 37%
Cocoa Loco: Milk Chocolate with Orange 37%
Cocoa Loco: Raspberries White Chocolate
Cocoa Loco: Rose & Geranium White Chocolate
Cocoa Loco: Sesame Seeds & Honey Milk Chocolate 37%
Cocoa Loco: White Chocolate Latte Thins
Caoni: Coffee
Caoni: Macadamia
Caoni: Passion Fruit
Chocolat Stella: Organic by Nature Lait surfin 38%
Chocolat Stella: Cioccolato al Latte Con Nocciole Intere 33%
Chocolat Stella: Organic by Nature Almond 38%
Chocolat Stella: Blanc Surfin Eclats Feves de Cacao
ChocoLate Organiko: Chocolate con Leche con Naranja y Cardomomo 46% Milk Chocolate with Orange and
ChocoLate: Con Leche 46% Cacao Bio Con Almendras y Miel
Chocolove: Toffe & Almonds in Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Tree: Rose & Vanilla White Chocolate 29% Cocoa Butter
Chocolate Tree: Chai 37% (Milk chocolate with tea and chai spice)
Chuao: Caracas 41% with Nuts
Cococa Bean Co: Rose & Pistacio 33%
Cococa Bean Co: Milk Chocolate with Irish Honey 33%
CocoMaya: Orange & Rose
Cotton Tree Chocolate: Light Milk Chocolate with Mint
Coppeneur: Holunderblüten
Coppeneur: Karamell & Flor de Sal
Coppeneur: Orangenöl & Urwaldpfeffer
Coppeneur: Zimt & Kakaonibs
Dagoba: Chai 37% (Crystallized Ginger & Chai Essence)
Dagoba: Hazelnut 37% (Toasted Hazelnuts & Rice Crisps)
Danta: Blanco con Trocitos
Damian Allsop: “China Town W1” Milk Chocolate 45%, Roasted Peanut, Soy Sauce and Fresh Ginger.
Damian Allsop: “Brick Lane E1” Mango and Basmati Rice Crisps 40%
Damian Allsop: “Brixton Hill SW2” Banana and Coffee Crunch 50%
Damian Allsop: “Grosvenor Square W1” White chocolate Cinnamon and lemon crackle 35%
Daniel Jones: Fruit & Nut 55%
Daniel Jones: Cookies & Cream
Daniel Jones: Nuts & Seeds 37%
Daniel Jones: Tonka Bean
Daniel Jones: Orange & Bee Pollen
Dardenne: Chocolat au Lait (Hazelnut) Cacao Bio Origin Amerique du Sud 41%
De Fries: Brombeer Vollmilchschokolade (Blackberry Milk Chocolate)
De Fries: India
Debondt: Cannella al Latte (Cinnamon)
Debondt: La Tavoletta di Pisa Bianco con Caramello e Pinoli 30%
Debondt: La Tavoletta di Pisa. Cioccolato al Latte con Caramello e Pinoli 31%
Debondt: Stecche al Latte con Pinoli
Debondt: Stecche Latte con Mandorle
DeBondt: Fior di Sale Fondente e al Latte (38% Milk Chocolate and 90% Dark Chocolate)
Debondt: Stecche Bianche con Pistacchi
White chocolate blended with vanilla with whole pistachios scattered on one side.
Debondt: Stecche al Latte con Fichi Secchi 31%
Debondt: Stecche al Latte con Pistacho 31%
DeBondt: Caffé al Latte 31%
Debondt: Té al Latte 31%
Devnaa: White Chocolate with pistachios, cardamom and hint of saffron.
Devnaa: Milk chocolate infused with Chai Masala and Hint of Ginger
Devnaa: Milk chocolate with crispy Rice, Orange and Subtle Spices
Divine: Butterscotch Milk Chocolate 27%
Divine: Coffee Milk Chocolate
Divine: Orange Milk Chocolate
Divine: Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 27%
Dolci Pensieri di Calabria: Milk chocolate with Bergamot 32%
Dolci Pensieri di Calabria: White Chocolate with Strawberry
Dolfin: Caramel 32%
Dolfin: Caramel & Beurre Salé 32% (Salted butter caramel)
Dolfin: Cocoa Beans from Ghana 32%
Dolfin: Hot Masala 32%
Dolfin: Lait Nougatine 32%
Dolfin: Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon from Ceylan
Dolfin: Rooibush 32%
Dolfin: Speculoos 32%
Dolfin: Thé Vert & Jasmin du Maroc 32% (Green Tea & Jasmin From Morocco)
Dolfin: Thé Vert Konacha du Japon 32% (Milk Chocolate with Sencha Green Tea from Japan)
Dolfin: Noisettes d’Italie
Dolfin: Speculoos
Dolfin: Babelutte
Dolfin: Masala Chai D’Indie 38%
Dolfin: Milk Konacha Green Tea From Japan
Domori: Biancomenta
Domori: Biancoliqurizia
Domori: Cappuccino
Domori: Javagrey
Domori: Lattesal
Domori: Pralinato
El Ceibo: Bolivian Speciality Coffee in Dark Milk Chocolate
Enric Rovira: Amaretti
Enric Rovira: Chocolate Blanco con Soda
Enric Rovira: Chocolate Streets Milk and Almond Gianduja
Enric Rovira: Pizza
Equal Exchange: Milk Chcocolate with a Hint of Hazelnut 38%
EZA: Biologische Weisse Schokolade Mascao mit Kakaonibs (Organic White Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs)
Feeding Your Imagination/FYI: Milk Chocolate with Lemon + Geranium
French Broad Chocolates: Chulucanas Peru featuring Riverbend Malt House 45%
Fortnum & Mason: No.31 Macadamia Nut & Coconut 40%
Fortnum & Mason: No.39 Salted 40%
Galler: Praliné Lait
Galler: Pistaches Fraiches
GEPA: Fleur de Sel 37%
GEPA: Kardamom 38%
Guido Castagna: Gianduja
Guido Gobino: Hazelshock
Granada: Chocolate de Leche (Milk chocolate with salt)
Granada: Choco-Crisp Chocolate de Leche  con Arroz Crisp
Granada: Chocolate de Leche  con Macadamias
Haigh’s Chocolates: Milk Orange Chocolate 32%
Haigh’s Chocolates: Peppermint Chocolate 32%
Hanf & Natur: Canalade Hemp Milk Chcocolate
Harvey Nichols: Strawberry & Balsamic White Chocolate
Harvey Nichols: Caramel, Hazelnut & Sea Salt 37%
Heilemann: Vanilla-Almond
Heilemann: Zitrone White Chocolate with Lemon
Henri Le Roux: Yuzu Macha
Hotel Chocolat: Caramel Milk 33%
Hotel Chocolat: Coconut Milk 40%
Hotel Chocolat: Citrus Puddles
Hotel Chocolat: Hacienda Iara Milk Pralines 70%
Hotel Chocolat: Honey Milk
Hotel Chocolat: Orange Milk 40%
Hotel Chocolat: Saint Lucia Milk Caramel 50%
Hotel Chocolat: Saint Lucia Milk Crêpes Dentelles 50%
Hotel Chocolat: Saint Lucia Milk Earl Grey Tea 50%
Hotel Chocolat: Saint Lucia Milk Sea Salt 50%
Hotel Chocolat: Saint Lucia Milk Sea Salt & Caramel 50%
Ixcacao (Guatemala): Milk Chocolate Almond
Ixcacao (Guatemala): Milk Chocolate Macadamia
Jade Chocolates: Genmai
Jade Chocolates: Terracotta
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Abricots
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Amandes
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Caramel
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Epices
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Eclats de Feves de Cacao
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Noisettes
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Noix de Coco
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Pistaches
Jean-Charles Rochoux: Lait Praliné
Jean-Paul Hévin: Tablette Fleur de Sel Chocolat au Lait Caramel 33%
Jean-Paul Hévin: Chocolat au Lait et aux Amandes 40%
Komforte Chockolates: Apple Pie + Graham
Komforte Chockolates: French Toast
Komforte Chockolates: Tortilla, Lime + Salt
Kshocolat: Lemon & Pepper White Chocolate
Lake Champlain: Milk Sea Salt & Almonds 38%
Lauensteiner: Wasabi-Pumpkin-Seed 34% White Chocolate
Laurent Gerbaud: Chocolat au Lait 50%
Laurent Gerbaud: Noisettes du Piémont Grillées Caramélisées
Laurent Gerbaud: Pistaches D’Evoia 50%
Leone: Cioccolato con Nocciole Piemonte Intere
Leone: Cioccolato Latte con Pistacchi di Sicilia Interi
Les Chocolats de Pauline:Blanc Noix de Coco
Les Chocolats de Pauline: Lait  Fleur de Sel”
Lillie Belle: Do Not Eat This Chocolate (Organic Milk chocolate with spices)
Lillie Belle: Pistachio Toffee Bar
Lorenzo Zuccarello: Gianduja (Venezuelan cacao % not stated)
Madécasse: Arabica Coffee (44% Cocoa with Arabica Coffee nibs and salt)
Maestrani: Erdbeer
Maestrani: Himbeer
Manufaktura Czekolady: Ecuadorian Milk with Honey 60%
Marc Antoine: Weisse Chocolade, Curry, Cocos, Banane (White Chocolate with Curry, Coconut & Banana)
Marks & Spencer: Milk Chocolate with Almonds & Caramelised Sea Salt
Mascao:  Latte 32%
Mary Janes Farm: High Attitude Chocolate Almonds & Coconut 38%
Mary Janes Farm: High Attitude Chocolate Peppermint 38%
Meybona: Bio Vollmilch Schokolade mit Ingwer 34% (Organic Milk Chocolate with Ginger)
Meybona: Bio-Cocos Vollmilchschokolade (Organic Milk Chocolate with Coconut Flakes)
Michel Cluizel: Éclats Caramel Beurre Salé
Michel Cluizel: Grand Lait aux Noisettes
Momami: Caramelisierte & Geröstete Haselnusse 34%
Momami: Geröstete & Gesalzene Mandeln Vollmilch 34%
Momami: Himbeere & Bourbon Vanille Weiße Schokolade
Momami: Orange, Mandel & Pistazie Weiße Schokolade
Momami: Weiss Gesalzene Mandelen & Bourbon Vanille 35%
Moo: Milk Chocolate Bar with Corn Flakes
Moo: Milk Chocolate Bar with Granola
Moonstruck: Mayan Milk Chocolate 31%
Montezuma’s: Culture Shock White Chocolate with Ginger and Chilli
Montezuma’s: Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch 54%
Montezuma’s: Milk Chocolate with Chilli & Lime
Montezuma’s: Milk Chocolate with Orange Venezuelan Cocoa 43%
Montezuma’s: Minted Milk Chocolate Crunchy Peppermint Venezuelan Cocoa 43%
Montezuma’s: Great British Spotted Dick
Montezuma’s: Open Sesame Milk Chocolate Chocolate with Caramelised Sesame and Sunflower Seeds 43%
New Tree: Lavender Milk Chocolate
Olive & Sinclair: Buttermilk White 45%
Olive & Sinclair: Buttermilk White Salt & Pepper
Original Beans: Esmereldas with Fleur de Sel 42%
Orquidea: Coconut
Orquidea: Quinoa
Orset: Pépites de Nougat 35%
Patric Chocolate: Cappuccino OMG
Peyrano: Cioccolato di Qualita al Latte con Riso
Peyrano: Nocciole
Pierre Marcolini: Chocolat au Lait 35%
Pierre Marcolini: Java Lait 50%
Pierre Marcolini: Plaisir Breakfast 50%
Pierre Marcolini: Plaisir Five O’Clock 50%
Pierre Marcolini: Sans Sucres Ajoutés 50%
Planete Chocolat: Blanc Cannelle
Planete Chocolat: Blanc Thym
Planete Chocolat: Blanc Kumquat
Pralus: Barre Infernale Lait
Rapunzel: Cocos
Rapunzel: Cocos-Crème 36%
Rapunzel: Crispy
Rapunzel: Pralniné 50%
Rapunzel: Nirwana Chocolate au Lait Pranilé 36%
Rausch: Madanga - Edel-Vollmilch & Pistazie (Milk chocolate & Pistachios)
Rausch: Nouméa Edel-Vollmilch & Mandel (Milk chocolate & Almonds)
Raw Chocolate Vanoffe
Red Star: Duffy’s Corazon de Ecuador with Cocoa Niba & Smoked Salt 43%
Richard: Blancory White chocolate with chopped hazelnuts
Richart: Amande 46%
Richart: Blanco Matcha
Richart: Piemontani Gianduja
Rivoire: Cioccolato al Latte
Rivoire: Nocciolato al Latte
Rococo: Cardonom White Chocolate
Rococo: Cinnamon Organic Milk 37%
Rococo: Rasperry White Organic Chocolate
Rococo: Rose Otto 37%
Rococo: Sea Salt Organic Milk Chocolate 37%
Route des Alpes: Lait 35%
Saldac: Lait au Café
SanBeam: Ingwer 40%
Santander: White Chocolate with Orange
Scharffen Berger: Sea Salted Almonds 41%
Seattle Chocolates: Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar 33%
Silvio Bessone: Gianduia Latte 33%
Silvio Bessone: Sinfonia Latte Fresco e Tonca 44%
Simon: Caramelisierte Nuß 44% Edelvollmilch
Sir Hans Sloane: Cranberry & Milk Chocolate
Slitti: Gran Bouquet Caffé Latte
Sonnentor: Strawberry Rosa Pfeffer White Chocolate
Sonnentor: Zimt, Muskat und Nelken (Mint, Nutmeg & Clove) 41%
Stainer: Cioccolato al Latte con Cannabis
Stainer: Cioccolato Bianco Arancia/Orange
Stainer: Bio Cioccolato al Latte con Menta 32%
Stainer: Cioccolato Bianco Limone/White Chocolate & Lemon
Sucré: Nibs & Brittle 38%
Sucré: Sicilian Pistachio & Rose Petal
Sucré: Salted Pretzel
Tea Room: Bedouin’s Mint Milk Chocolate 38%
Tea Room: Black Masala Chai Milk Chocolate 38%
Tea Room: Chamomile & Honey White Chocolate 30%
Tea Room: Honyebush Caramel Milk Chocolate 38%
Tea Room: Jasmine Milk Chocolate 38%
Tea Room: Piña Colada Milk Chocolate 38%
Teuscher: Milk Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts
Teuscher: Truffes Schokolade
Teuscher - Milch Schokolade Praliné Filling (Almond)
Teuscher: Orangen Schokolade/Orange Chocolate
Theo: Hazelnut Crunch 45%
Thorntons: Orange & Cardamom Ecuador 40%
Toblerone: Dark Chocolate 50%
Tohi: Chocolat au Lait Cannelle
Tohi: Chocolat au Lait Caramel Sel
Tohi: Chocolat au Lait Pomme & Cannelle
Tohi: Chocolat au Lait Speculoos
Vanini (ICAM) Mandorle Intere 49%
Vestir: Bianco I Sapori Pistacchi
Vestri: Bianco Mandorle
Vestri: Bianco Uvetta
Vestri: Bianco Pistacchi
Vestir: Latte con Mandorle
Vestri: Tortino di Firenze
Vestri: Latte con Nocciole
Vestri: Sale Rosa Himalaya & Sesamo
Vestir: Latte Cacao 34%
Vintage Plantations: Crunchy Almond Cream (Milk chocolate with Almond paste & Toasted Almond)
Vintage Plantations: Latte Mocha
Vintage Plantations: Milk Crystal Salt (Milk chocolate with natural sea salt)
Vintage Plantations: Milk with Roasted Peanuts
Vintage Plantations: Sea Salt & Caramel
Vivani: Mandel Organic Almonds 33%
Vivani: Organic Winter Chocolate 33%
Vivani: Vollmilch Nuss Organic Milk Hazelnut
Vivani: White Crisp Chocolate
Vosges: Almafi Bar
Vosges:Goji Bar 45%
Vosges: Habana 45%
Vosges: Mo’s Milk Bar 45%
Vosges: Peanut Butter Bonbon 45%
Vosges: Woolloomooloo Bar 45%
Wagner: Vollmilch Lemon / Lemon Milk Chocolate
Weiss: Plaisir Sésame 35%
Weiss: Gianduja
Weiss: Chocolate au Lait Entier Noisettes 37%
Weiss: Douceur Coco 38%
Whittaker’s: Supreme Creamy White Macadamia
William Curley: Cinnamon
William Curley: Rasberry & White Chocolate
Wittamer: Pulpe de Framboise (White Chocolate with Raspberry Pulp)
Zaabär: Blanc Amaretti
Zaabär: Chocolat Blanc Curry de Madras
Zaabär: Chili Pepper du Texas 33.5% (Milk Chocolate with Texas Chilli Pepper)
Zaabär: Chocolat Blanc Pistaches
Zaabär: Chocolat Blanc Baies de genévrier d'Istrie  (Juniper Berries)
Zaabär: Lait Speculoos
Zaabär: Lait Noisettes Grillees (é accent) 33.5%
Zaabär: Lait Nougatine
Zaabär: Sel de Guérande 33.5%
Zotter: Absolut Milchschokolade 50%
Zotter: Almonds-Roses
Zotter: Brazil 35%
Zotter: Caribbean Dance
Zotter: Cashew Nougat with Meadow Flowers
Zotter: Ecuador 50%
Zotter: Ecuador 60% (El Oro)
Zotter: Gelbe Schokolade mit Krokant (White chocolate with Almond Nougat)
Zotter: Goat’s Milk
Zotter: GrammelNussn Bacon Bits
Zotter: Kuvertüre 50%
Zotter: Mango Lassi White Chocolate 37% Cocoa Butter
Zotter: Maroni
Zotter: Nicaragua 50%
Zotter: Peru 40%
Zotter: Rosa Kokos und Fischgummi (Pink Coconut and Fish Marshmallow)
Zotter: Santo Domingo 40% (Milk chocolate blended with vanilla and a trace of salt)
Zotter: Sheep’s Milk
Zotter: Smooth Mountain Milk Chocolate 40%
Zotter: White Chocolate with Brittle (with Walnut and Almond)
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Africa (Dark and white chocolate with Grapes)
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Beerengarten Currant Chocolate & Blueberry chocolate with Sea Buckthorn
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Coffee – Malt
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Easter Bunny White & Carrot chocolate
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Erdbeer Kokos
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Fruchtjoghurt 33% Kakaoanteil 33% Cocoa Butter
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Hanfplantage/Hemp Plantation
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Knusper Caramel/Crispy Caramel
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Mandel/Kirsch Almond/Cherry White Chocolate
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Marrakesh Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Orange & Cardamom
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Milk chocolate with Grapes & Hazelnut Nougat
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Minty Goat (Goat’s milk chocolate & mint chocolate with herbs)
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Mondmilch Dominican Republic 40% (Salted)
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Sternmilch Dunkle Nicaragua 50%
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Sunny Days (Orange Chocolate & Passion Fruit Chocolate with Cashews)
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Paparazzi Crème chocolate Raspberry Tits
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: Unendlich Erdbeere
Zotter / Mitzi Blue: White Goddess (White chocolate with Tonka Bean, Cinnamon and a Trace of Salt)
Zotter / Nougsus: Mascobado Nougat
Zotter / Nougsus: Sesam Nougat


Milk Chocolate Paste

Amedei: Crema Toscana alla Nocciola
Beussent Lachelle: Pate a Tartiner
Bovetti: Pate Tartiner Noisettes au Lait
Bramardi: Crema Gianduia
Caffarel: Gianduia 40%
Chapon: Crème de Praliné
Golosi di Salute di Luca Montersino: Crema Gianduja Bianca
Luca Montersino: Cacao & Nocciole al Cucchiaio 46% Piedmont Hazelnut
Mannori: 2003 Spalmabile Gianduja Olio e Sale
Peyrano: Bicerin (Paste)
Slitti: Riccosa (Paste)
Stratta: Crema Gianduja (Paste)


White Chocolate

Amedei: Toscano White
Askinosie: White Chocolate
Bonnat: Ivoire
Bonvita: Rice Milk White Bar
Choco-Lina: Bourbon Vanille
Chocolaterie A Morin: Blanc
Coppeneur: Republica Dominicana Bourbon Vanille
Danta: Blanco
Felchlin: White 36%
Goss Chocolate: White with Vanilla Bean 45%
Jacques Torres: Barry White
Meybona: Bianco
Michel Cluizel: Ivoire
Peyrano: Tavoletta di Puro Cioccolato di Qualita al Latte Bianco
Pierre Marcolini: Chocolat Blanc
Rapunzel: Weisse (28% Milk Powder)
Rivoire: Crema Nocciola al Cacao
Saldac: Chocodoré Chocolat Blanc 35%
Sarotti: Weisse Damen
Silvio Bessone: Bahia Brasile Bianco 30%
Slitti Bianco 30%
Teuscher: Weisse Schokolade
Tiroler Edle: Weiss Purissima 23% Milk
Vanini (ICAM): Cioccolato Bianco Latte Intero 30%
Willie’s Cacao: El Blanco


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