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Manchester, England. 2 October 2013

The World Chocolate Awards guide book is available online at Amazon and in book shops from 2 October 2013.

The independent and impartial guide to the world’s finest chocolates recommends more than 160 milk and white chocolates from 58 brands. 660 chocolates were evaluated. The chocolates included in the guide have been awarded solely for their taste.

The brands producing the awarded chocolates are from 17 countries. “The results reflect the fact that there are chocolate makers who produce chocolate to a very high standard in many more countries than one might expect. Many of the brands are relatively unknown despite their chocolate being one of the finest in the world, often good value and easy to source.” said Ian Whitaker, editor of the World Chocolate Awards guide book.

Each entry in the 384 page guide features colour photographs along with a detailed description of the chocolate and the chocolate maker. A wealth of facts about producing chocolate, the history of chocolate and its origin in the natural world are also included.

Included in the guide’s recommendations are a number of organic and ethically traded chocolates, a lactose free chocolate and several that contain no added sugar. Some of the awarded chocolates contain additional natural ingredients as diverse as almond, coffee, cinnamon, earl grey tea, green tea, jasmine, liquorice, mint, nougat, orange, pistachio, peanut, rose, salt or curry.

Locations to buy chocolate online or in person are listed. Chocolate factory tours, shops, salons and outlets are highlighted. Indexes allow the reader to search by key ingredient or country of manufacture. A rating of key characteristics provides an easy reference summary for each chocolate.

The World Chocolate Awards was founded in 2010 to provide an independent and impartial award and guide book for food lovers. No fees or incentives are accepted from chocolate brands, neither can they choose to be included or excluded. All of the chocolates that are evaluated are paid for and there is no business, friend or family connection to chocolate brands.

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